Announcing Transport Planning Day 2021


We are excited to announce our 2021 Transport Planning Day campaign, focusing on the role pf transport planners in providing a transport system that ensures that everyone can have access to the services and opportunities they want.

This year’s theme – equality, diversity and inclusion

The theme of this year’s campaign is equality, diversity and inclusion. It’s about what needs to be done to address the barriers that still exist to ensure everyone can access the services and opportunities that they want and need as we recover from the pandemic and tackle the climate crisis. We are planning transport for diverse communities with a range of people from different backgrounds with different travel needs. Unfortunately, many face barriers related to their gender, age, race, sexuality, income or disability – and it’s our job to remove these. Transport can play a key role by providing equality of access to opportunities such as jobs, education and other key services such as healthcare and social networks for everyone. We therefore need a diverse range of people planning transport, so we get a diverse range of ideas and solutions that will serve everyone’s needs. And we need inclusion of everyone in the process, both within the profession and in the work we do, for example engaging with a wide range of stakeholders. 

The Campaign 

The campaign will run from Spring onwards building up to a series of regional events and a Virtual  Parliamentary Reception with Members of the Transport Select Committee during the Autumn and culminating in Transport Planning Day  which will be on 15 November 2021. 

The campaign will engage communities, politicians and professionals across the UK to raise awareness of transport planning, highlight the vital role transport planners play in tackling the big challenges of our time and influence the way transport planning is delivered to make better places for people and improve quality of life.

Each year we  provide welcoming events that encourage transport planners to make connections across the profession and with associated industries, communities, and politicians.

“Transport Planning has never been more important”–
Gavin Newlands MP, Transport Planning Day 2020 Virtual Parliamentary Reception

The campaign provides a platform for transport planners to showcase their achievements and encourage young people into the profession.

“I joined Transport Planning Day 2020 to understand where transport planning is heading as an industry” – 2020 Audience Survey

Please get  in touch with TPS if you are interested in getting involved and supporting this years Campaign. Contact


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