A key part of the Society's mission is to raise the profile of transport planners, as professionals on a par, at least with other professionals involved in transport and the built environment.  The launch of the TPP qualification and the TPS Professional Development Scheme marked a key step.  The TPP provides a high quality qualification, and the Professional Development Scheme a structured route to obtaining it.

Now, the Society is committed to encouraging its members and others to become Transport Planning Professionals.  This is a series of profiles, in which leading transport planners respond to questions about their take on the topic.

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Keith Mitchell TPP

We start with Keith Mitchell TPP, a past TPS Chair and leader of the Transport Planning Skills Initiative in the early 2000’s. Since that time, he has also acted as Chair of the TPP Professional Standards Committee, the GoSkills/ People 1st Transport Planning Industry Board, the Transport Apprenticeship Trailblazer and the National Infrastructure Planning Association. He is also a Director of the Peter Brett Foundation and Trustee of the Activate Learning Education Trust, and has a particular interest in promoting employer engagement in schools. Keith’s day job is Regional (UK) Director: Community Development and Infrastructure for international consultant Stantec.

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David Bayliss TPP

David Bayliss CBE, TPP chaired the Transport Planning Forum, a group whose work led to the establishment of the Transport Planning Society in 1997, was awarded an Honorary TPP in 2010.

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Tom van Vuren TPP

Tom van Vuren has been a transport planner for coming up to 30 years. As a Divisional Director in Mott MacDonald, and a national expert in transport modelling, Tom has the opportunity to encourage younger colleagues to seek continuous improvement in their competencies and the associated professional recognition.

Tom is also a visiting Professor at Leeds University’s Institute for Transport Studies and a past Chair of the Association for European Transport. When not immersed in WebTAG or Local Transport Today, he enjoys foreign holidays with his family, good food and wine and photography (in any feasible combination); he has also been known to appear in the occasional village pantomime.

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Dougie McDonald TPP

Dougie is Regional Director (UK) Transport at Stantec UK Ltd, responsible for its transport consultancy work across the UK. He joined MVA in 1989 with a degree in Transportation Engineering from Napier University. After 25 years, he joined Peter Brett Associates in 2004, establishing its Scottish Transport Planning team before going on to become a Partner with responsibility for the firm’s multi-disciplinary business in Scotland. When PBA became part of Stantec and created a new UK Transport Division, Dougie was asked to lead it, a role he has held since January 2020.

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