State of the Nations:
Transport Planning for a Sustainable Future

TPS Policy Report

Published: 19th October 2020

Authors: Stephen Joseph, Visiting Professor; Alexandra Buckland-Stubbs, PhD Student and Visiting Lecturer; Sue Walsh, Principal Lecturer & Smart Mobility Unit, Project Manager; Scott Copsey, Director Smart Mobility Unit

Transport Planning Society Steering Group: Stephen Bennett, Chair; Justin Bishop, Board Director; Lynda Addison OBE, TPS Planning & Transport Lead; Keith Buchan, Skills Director; Andy Costain, Business Manager

The State of the Nations 2020 report report reviews travel trends and behaviours, current government policy, regional transport planning, spending and investment and transport taxes and  charges to enable the Transport Planning Society to make clear recommendations to government and the sector.

The report concludes that the way transport is planned and integrated into society will be key to the UK’s ability to address the major challenges of today, particularly the decarbonisation of transport. Transport spending and taxation needs to support decarbonisation, with objectives set out in transport strategies and spending priorities to address these important national aims.

Governments should give transport planners, especially in local and sub-national authorities, the policies, tools, funding, data and freedoms to improve the transport system for all users to provide a better quality of life for people and communities across the nations. Transport for London should serve as a model for well-resourced local and regional authorities, combining spatial and transport planning and with their own revenue raising powers, but with requirements for setting pathways to cut CO2 emissions.


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