The TPS Hall of Fame


For many years TPS has been celebrating the achievements of transport planners by the Award of two prestigious prizes presented at the annual Transport Practitioners Meeting organised by PTRC. 

The Transport Planner of the Year Award is presented to an experienced transport planner who has stood out in the past year for their approach to a project, or as an ambassador or a role model for the profession. They are nominated by their colleagues and peers and the TPS Board votes on the nominations according to rigorous criteria.  To see the list of winners from 2003  go to  Transport Planner of the Year Award

The Best Paper presented by a Young Practitioner is awarded to a young transport planner under the age of 25 who has written a paper to be presented at the Transport Practitioners Meeting on an area of original research. Papers are judged by a panel of TPS Board members. To see the list of winners from 2014 and to access their papers go to TPS Best Paper by a Young Professional Award



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