Our Mission

A society to facilitate, develop and promote best practice and innovation in transport planning and provide a focus for dialogue between all those engaged in it whatever their background. 

TPS Strategic Objectives 

Our strategy affirms our core purpose; providing a framework for directors, members, and supporters. It guides our work and our decisions, helping us build on our past, succeed in the present and ensure the evolution of transport planning and the stability of the Society for the future.

Our core purpose is defined by our Mission. Our strategy is defined by our Strategic Objectives. 

Our Strategic Objectives

  1.  Ensure TPS is influential and proactive in seeking improvements in policy and practice, and in setting the transport agenda at a national, regional and local level.
  2.  Provide a structured training programme, assessments and qualifications for the profession to support the career progression of transport planners.

  3.  Build a strong and sustainable core membership base for the Society and grow the membership, particularly in geographical areas and sectors where transport planners are under-represented in the Society, and to be proactive in the creation of an open, diverse and inclusive transport planning community. 

  4. Continue running an effective TPS operation to provide the widest possible forum to engage on relevant and topical transport planning issues. 

  5. Improve the public understanding and the image of transport planning and transport planners, and promote transport planning as a profession. 






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