As well as providing professional development and a meeting place for all those working in the transport sector, the Transport Planning Society takes a leading role in the response to emerging policy challenges.  TPS has continued to make its voice heard and respond to various consultations.  Members views are always being sought and input welcome.  The Events and Policy teams work closely together.  For example, the recent “Agenda for Change” report was built on a range of TPS activities:

  • Recent policy responses by TPS to Government consultations
  • Proceedings of relevant events from our 2014/15 programme, including:  aviation policy and the Davies Commission, appraisal and modelling, transport and health, and specifically on the draft Manifesto: one event in London for our Corporate Stakeholders, meetings with Transport Studies centres at University of West of England, Oxford and Leeds, and one for all transport professionals in Birmingham
  • The results from the TPS Annual Member Survey undertaken at the end of 2014
  • Reports produced as part of the TPS Bursary scheme – where young professionals produce a short research report on a specified theme, this year what an incoming government should do to improve planning for transport.
  • Direct Member input on the draft through our website and forums.

Before setting out links to the various responses, reports and surveys we have undertaken we want to make it clear that not every detail of every problem or every subtlety in terms of solutions can be covered.  What we have tried to promote is a consistent and wide ranging context within which transport (and spatial planning) should be discussed.  Not every individual member’s position can be fully represented, but as a Society we felt we should try to set out a fair representation of our members’ views and concerns.  These are many, but with sufficient clarity and commonality to give us confidence in the value of our policy work and its attempt to go beyond a set of generalisations which are hard to disagree with, but would not be very useful in addressing some of the serious issues facing transport planners today. 

Full Agenda for Change report here


The Transport Planning Society’s bursary scheme aims to encourage Young Professional members of TPS to produce a piece of structured thought on a topic of current relevance to transport planning. The value of each bursary is £500.

Katie Taylor is the TPS Board member responsible for Young Professionals. Click here to hear her tell you more on Youtube. 

The bursaries provide a great opportunity to expand your knowledge of your chosen topic, raise your profile within the profession, promote your career development and to benefit from your mentor’s experience and advice.

Bursaries have their own section which can be accessed through the policy menu to the left of this page or click here

Innovation and good practice

The TPS “Wiki” innovative good practice guide

Good practice guides take a great deal of time to assemble and tend to go out of date quite quickly. TPS wants to try a new approach for transport planning initiatives which have wider value. These would include “on the ground” schemes, but also new ways of working, and new policy approaches. The aim is to spread best practice and contribute to the wider public understanding of transport planning as well as some of the useful work that we do. It will help to structure our award for the Transport Planner of the Year.

The approach we want to try is to get our members (public or private sector or jointly) to submit a description of a transport initiative or scheme (ongoing or completed) which has innovative or particularly successful content, in a short, standard format. It would be open to organisations of all shapes and sizes, plus individual freelancers. We do stress, however, that this a good practice resource not a marketing exercise! The involvement of younger professionals in preparing the submissions would also be a benefit and should linked through to the completion of the PDS units.

Click here or on the left hand menu to access the good practice section.

DfT engagement

We have continued to engage with DfT throughout 2015, and will continue to do so through 2016, to encourage a more open approach to their research and in particular their modelling and forecasting.  They have held, and are continuing to hold, a series of expert and advisory meetings to which TPS has contributed.  They have recently published a wide range of new research and we welcome their greater engagement with the profession on these issues.  The key will be how far this influences their thinking – however the wider range of traffic forecasts just released reflects some of this constructive engagement.



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