Membership is open to all those studying or working in transport planning, or related fields, on a professional basis, as well as to retired members. 

Members have been attracted from a wide range of organisations from the public to private sectors and from a range of educational backgrounds. We currently have over 1,300 individual and student members and our diverse membership is continuing to grow as the society develops.

There are four categories of Individual membership: 

  • Student / Apprentice
  • Standard / Retired
  • Designated (TPP)
  • Chartered Designated (CTTP)

Student membership is for anyone studying transport or related fields full time.  Apprentice membership is for any full-time transport planning apprentices.

Standard / Retired covers most other members.  .

Designated membership is for those members who hold the Transport Planning Professional (TPP) qualification, provided by the TPS together with the Chartered Institution of Highways and Transportation; for more details see below.

Chartered Designated membership is for those who have the TPP Chartered status (CTTP) 

Why Join?

  • Monthly ebulletins outlining the latest TPS news, events and transport planning vacancies
  • Free attendance at TPS meetings and events throughout the country, featuring high profile speakers, stimulating policy debates, social events and great networking opportunities with fellow transport professionals
  • Eligibility to apply for the Transport Planning Professional Qualification
  • A significant discount (£40)  on Local Transport Today with TransportXtra. Click here to go to the online form quoting the code LTTTPS or to download a discount form please click here 
  • 25% discount on Passenger Transport - to download a discount form please click here
  • The opportunity to get involved in discussions on key technical and policy issues in transport, including regional events, and further your professional development
  • Discounts at TPS-supported events and conferences, including the annual Transport Practitioners Meeting
  • Eligibility to apply for a Bursary Award for younger professionals
    and become the new ‘TPS Bursarian of the Year’
  • Standard members are permitted to use MTPS as post-nominals
  • Voting rights on matters related to the AGM and other meetings

How to Join

You can apply online to become an Individual, Apprentice, Student  or Designated Member by clicking here. 

If you wish to renew your existing annual membership online you can do so by clicking here.

Annual fees

Processing of subscriptions is substantially cheaper if made by Direct Debit and so we have introduced an additional £5 charge on subscriptions for those members that opt not to pay by Direct Debit. Charges for 2021 are:

Chartered Designated Membership -Direct Debit


Chartered Designated Membership - not by Direct Debit


Designated Membership – Direct Debit


Designated Membership – not by Direct Debit


Standard/Retired Membership – Direct Debit


Standard/Retired Membership – not by Direct Debit


Student/ Apprentice Membership

Initially free for a max of 3 years, whereafter you will be invited to transfer to Standard Membership. This category can be extended should individuals be continuing as Students or Apprentices at the discretion of the Society. Please tick to indicate whether you are a student or an apprentice.

Please note that payment will be collected by ICE on behalf of TPS.

For those currently paying by Direct Debit no further action is required. For those who wish to pay by Direct Debit for 2021 subscriptions, please set this up as soon as possible, as the charge will be set effective of the status of your account on the 31st December 2020. You can set up an annual Direct Debit on the MyICE section of the ICE website,, alternatively you can contact the ICE Subscriptions Department on (020 7665 2227). You will need to quote your membership number with all enquiries. Your personal data is also held on the MyICE site and as such this is also a good opportunity to update any changes to personal contact details.

Please note that at the current time the ICE are only able to process Direct Debits aligned to UK registered bank accounts. We apologise therefore to those members who are unable to set up such a facility.

You can apply online to become an Individual, Apprentice, Student or Designated Member by clicking here. 

As our subscription year runs from January to December, we offer discounts to new members joining later in the year: 

Time of joining  Discount Membership expires
1 Jan - 30 June inclusive None 31 Dec of year of joining
1 July - 30 Sep inclusive 50% 31 Dec of year of joining 
1 Oct - 31 Dec inclusive No charge for current year, but full year rate owing for following year 31 Dec of following year

Using MTPS as post-nominals

All members of the society are asked to commit to working to the professional standards required under the Society’s Code of Professional Conduct and standard members are permitted to use MTPS as post-nominals. Designated and Chartered Members, who are already committed to complying with the Code of Professional Conduct will also be able to use MTPS, as well as TPP or CTTP, as post-nominals.

It is conventional practice that post-nominals for membership of learned societies and professional institutions come after academic and professional qualifications,  for example Chris Jones BA TPP MTPS.

The use of MTPS will help identify members in their work as transport planners, as well as raising the profile of transport planning as a profession.

The Code of Professional Conduct requires all members to:

  • ensure that they acquire, and use wisely and faithfully, the knowledge that is relevant to their work in the service of others;
  • adopt the highest standards of professional conduct, openness, fairness and honesty;
  • give due weight to all relevant law, facts, published guidance, best practice, and the wider public interest; and,
  • be aware of the issues that transport planning activities and outcomes raise for society, and listen to the aspirations and concerns of others.

In addition, members must accept the Society’s disciplinary process should there be any complaint about their alleged failure to comply with the Rules of Professional Conduct.

All members of the society are assumed to have read, understood and committed to complying with the Code of Professional Conduct, and (with the exception of student and apprentice members) ensure that their subscription is fully paid.

A copy of the Code of Professional Conduct can be downloaded by clicking here. For further information contact the Society at

How to become a Designated Member (TPP):

  • Designated Membership is for those with the Transport Planning Professional (TPP) qualification, provided by the Society together with the Chartered Institution of Highways and Transportation (CIHT)
  • Candidates applying for the TPP must be members of the Society or CIHT, and if they are TPS members and not CIHT members they must apply for Designated Membership when they apply for award of the TPP
  • Designated Membership will not be awarded until the TPP qualification is awarded
  • In accordance with good professional practice, Designated Members are required to maintain at least 25 hours of Continuing Professional Development (CPD) a year and to work in accordance with the Society’s Code of Professional Conduct


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