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TP Day sponsors 

We're hugely grateful to our sponsors for their support  for the second Transport Planning Day campaign and People's Award held in November 2019.

The support from our partners enabled us to shine a light on transport planning and its role in delivering quality places for people; as well as featuring positive role models to inspire the next generation of transport planners.

We were  delighted to partner with Jacobs as Platinum sponsor of the campaign in recognition of its 150 year heritage in devising, designing, and delivering solutions for cities and communities in the future.

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List of sponsors 


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"Jacobs is thrilled to be sponsoring the second Transport Planning Day, showcasing what is best in our industry.  Whether its improving mobility and connectivity to bring people, their skills and businesses closer together, or safeguarding the environment, we are helping to devise, design and deliver solutions for cities and communities of the future. To make them work better and smarter, so they are cleaner, safer and happier places to live and work in.

With our 150- year business heritage in the UK, which has been a home market to Jacobs for more years than anywhere else we operate, we’re helping to pave the way for the social, environmental and economic opportunities of national significance. For us, our social impact is not an add on, it is built into everything we do. We always think about our legacy, ensuring we leave behind more than we create in the communities we work in. Demonstrating social value and impact, alongside economic and environmental impact has become critical in every sector we serve."
- Richard Sanderson, Head of Transport Planning at Jacobs


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"After the success of last year, AECOM is delighted to once again sponsor Transport Planning Day.

Communities and customers are at the heart of the work we do at AECOM - planning, designing and delivering schemes that have a positive impact on how people live, work and travel.

Transport Planners have a key role in creating sustainable, healthy and prosperous communities and addressing current challenges like net zero.

Transport Planning Day provides a platform to celebrate success and continue the debate on how we change lives for the better."
- Kate Morris, Head of Consulting, AECOM

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"We're delighted to support this campaign to raise the profile of transport planning. Effective transport planning is fundamental to developing sustainable, equitable societies as well as economic prosperity as it shapes the way our communities access goods and services and go about their daily lives.

The robust analysis and open-minded, impartial policy decisions our industry supports is essential in this regard and it is something of which we should all be rightly proud."
- Alan Holcroft, Global Practice Leader for Transport Planning at Mott MacDonald


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"We are very grateful to all our partners for their support of our Transport Planning Day campaign
and the People’s Award.

The support from our partners will enable us to highlight the vital role of transport planning in making people’s daily lives better, and enables us to celebrate the projects that communities tell us best reflect what they really want from transport scheme"
- Stephen Bennett, Chair of the Transport Planning Society, Arup

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