2018 Transport Planning Day Campaign


2018 Transport Planning Day Campaign, events and awards 

The  2018 Transport Planning Day campaign was launched  to raise the profile of transport planning and its role in changing people's lives. The aim is to engage communities on the role of transport planners in delivering  quality places for people.

The people’s award 

At the heart of the Transport Planning Day campaign was  the  People’s Award for a transport planning initiative that has had a positive impact on people’s lives as part of place-making.

We transport planners seek to support and enrich people’s lives through well planned transport. But the People’s Award  invited communities to tell us about the difference transport has actually made to  their lives.

The People’s Award invited nominations from  people, groups, campaigners, communities, Parish Councils, Town Councils to tell us about transport projects that have made a significant difference to local communities land improved people’s day-to-day lives. Meet our 2018 finalists here.

Transport Planning Day event

Transport Planning Day was  held on 13 November  2018 at the Institution of Civil Engineers in London and was attended by a wide range of people.  The day offered  a fantastic opportunity for the community representatives to engage with transport planning and to celebrate the positive impact it can have on people’s lives, as well as the diversity of our profession. 

The event showcased the finalists of our People’s Award and announced the winner.

How to get involved in the campaign in future years

We’re working with our stakeholders and partners to continue to promote the campaign and awards. If you’d like to get involved in future years  please contact us at TPday@tps.org.uk

 Or feel free to share the following statement of support:We will be advertising our plans for 2019 very soon so watch this space !

“We’re supporting the #TransportPlanningDay campaign and awards. We’re encouraging communities to tell the professionals how #TransportPlanning has changed their lives”

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