Sustainability versus Inclusion: Squaring the Circle

TPS and the Chartered Institute for Logistics and Transport (CILT) are hosting a joint webinar on 19 October as part of the programme of Transport Planning Day Events leading up to TP Day on 16 November. 

The event is entitled 'Sustainability versus Inclusion: Squaring the Circle' and will be led by Jim Morey, TPS Board Member and Independent Mobility Expert. 

The backdrop to the event is how policies and changing priorities in the drive towards more sustainable cities has left many disabled and older people (including those with low vision or mobility difficulties) experiencing more anxiety and fewer opportunities for independent mobility. 

Among the topics which potentially bring the two agendas into conflict are:

• Low Traffic Neighbourhoods

• Electric Scooters

• Electric vehicle charging points

• Cyclist and pedestrian priorities

• Removal of Blue Badge parking spaces.

Run jointly by TPS and the Access & Inclusion Forum of CILT, the webinar will explore how these potential conflicts can be avoided and how inclusive and sustainable policies and practices can address both agendas. 

Three speakers who are leading experts in the field will each make their introductory remarks before joining a debate on the issues with fellow speakers and webinar participants. The speakers are:

Pedro Homem de Gouveia - Senior Policy and Project Manager at POLIS based in Brussels.

Susan Claris - Associate Director at Arup and Vice President of Living Streets

Joanna Ward - Freelance Transport Planner focusing on active and sustainable modes and a member of the Transport Planning Society Board

Please visit Eventbrite to register for more information and to register for the free event. 


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