The Transport Planning Society’s bursary scheme encourages Young Professional members of TPS to produce a piece of structured thought on a topic of current relevance to transport planning, supported by a mentor who will be a senior member of the profession. The value of each bursary is £500.

The bursaries provide a great opportunity to expand your knowledge of your chosen topic, raise your profile within the profession, promote your career development and to benefit from your mentor’s experience and advice. For those participating in the Professional Development Scheme it also counts towards satisfying relevant proficiency and experience requirements.

Participation in the competition, especially winning the “Bursary of the Year” award, has helped previous Bursarians to attract the interest of their employer, to gain promotion, to be offered new jobs, and even to be invited to chair a conference session related to their paper. It can give your career a real lift.

Bursary of the Year awards

Previous bursarians have been enthusiastic about their experience 

“It has been a very worthwhile process in terms of writing and practising presentation, and I am pleased that other transport professionals have been able to hear my views”

“It is important for the industry to facilitate engagement between its junior professionals and those at the top. The Bursary process has been excellent in this regard. Long may it continue.

It has been a great opportunity and it was very enjoyable having the chance to dive into such an exciting area of transport research. Thank you to the whole Board for running the competition and for their time; it has been a great experience.

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