Transport planning is a rapidly changing world with new ideas, new techniques and new legislation emerging on a daily basis. Keeping abreast of all of the new thinking and learning from good practice is an essential part of providing a modern effective and cost efficient transport system.

Continuous Professional Development (CPD) is also a policy which is at the heart of the Transport Planning Society and all of the professional institutes that support transport planning as a profession.

Hence across the industry there are a very wide range of training and development opportunities ranging for professional society evening meetings to a two year full time Masters course in Transport Economics. This interactive web site provides, for the first time, the opportunity to establish comprehensive listings of the opportunities that are available. The site is divided into two halves with formal under graduate and post graduate courses being separated from the range of short courses which are available.

In addition to the range of course being provided within the profession many consultancies and Local Authorities also operate their own internal training schemes that differ from organisation to organisation.

Training and developing all employees within the sector is an essential part of delivering the services which users of transport want and expect.


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