Transport Planning Day 


Showcasing transport planners improving quality of life

Transport Planning Day is the annual campaign coordinated by the Transport Planning Society.

Founded in 2018, the campaign brings communities, local politicians and professionals from across the built environment sector together to celebrate transport planning. We focus on showcasing good practice in community engagement for transport.

The campaign highlights how transport planners are key to solving so many of the pressing challenges we face, from climate change to public health.

The campaign takes place through a series of events around the UK to put the profession in the spotlight, including a reception in the House of Parliament and Transport Planning Day, which takes place in November each year.

Communities show professionals what good looks like

A centre piece of the campaign is the People’s Award. The People’s Award invites communities to show professionals how transport improves lives. It finds good practice transport planning where communities are involved from the outset and the results have improved everyday life.

Find out more about the 2019 People’s Award.

Celebrating sustainable transport for new homes

In 2019 we also partnered with Transport for New Homes to highlight developments that put people’s needs first. The award recognises recent, large-scale housing developments which have been located and designed so that residents do not need cars to live a full life.

With the pressure on to build new homes, we want to make sure people's transport needs aren’t forgotten and highlight the vital role good transport planning plays in delivering new homes.

Find out more about the 2019 Transport for New Homes Award

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