Transport Planning Day 2019


Showing how Transport Planning changes lives for the better

Successful Transport Planning improves quality of life. Whether it is a revamped high-street, a new walking bridge or a new bus route. Transport Planning has a big impact.

We set-up Transport Planning Day to highlight best practice in putting people at the heart of transport plans.

The campaign highlights the significant contribution transport planners make to people across the UK. Promoting discussion through a series of regional events and raising our profile with a parliamentary reception and Transport Planning Day at the Institution of Civil Engineers, where we will announce the winners of our two awards: the People’s Award and Transport for New Homes Award. 

The People’s Award: nominations closed 2 August

The People’s Award looks for the UK’s best projects that have involved people in the planning and improved access to services, quality of life and well-being.

The People's Award is now closed for entries. Thank you to all who entered. 

The winners will be announced on Transport Planning Day on 20 November at the Institution of Civil Engineers in London. The programme and list of speakers has now been announced.

Transport for New Homes Award: nominations open until 26thAugust

In partnership withTransport for New Homes, this new award aims to find the best recent housing developments that enable walking, cycling and public transport and reduce car-dependence.

Find out more information and how to nominate for the Transport for New Homes Award

The winners will be announced on Transport Planning Day on 20 November at the Institution of Civil Engineers in London.

Why celebrate transport planning?

We all rely on transport to connect us to the things we need - our jobs, homes, schools, family, friends and vital services such as GPs and hospitals. But most of us don’t think about the planning that goes into making it work. Successful Transport Planning manages demand for travel in a way that is:



Successful transport planning creates liveable neighbourhoods and quality places for people. It enables us to lead healthy and active lifestyles by walking and cycling short journeys. And it has an important role to play in addressing climate change, reducing our dependence on cars – by providing good alternatives when we need them.

Transport Planning Day 2019 highlights the vital role that transport planners play in improving quality of life. It raises awareness of the benefits of transport planning in addressing climate change, providing economic opportunity and improving our health.

Transport Planning Day will bring together communities, local politicians and professionals, from across the built environment sector. The event will discuss best practice in community engagement in transport planning and highlight developments that put people first by encouraging sustainable transport choices.

What can you do?

Find out more about the People’s Award 

Find out more about the Transport for New Homes Award

Read about opportunities to sponsor the campaign

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