Book now for the next TPS webinar on Community Engagement in Transport Planning on 13 July from 1800-2000. 

Community engagement is a hot topic for transport planners, for large infrastructure schemes or smaller local schemes such as car-user sensitive Low Traffic Neighbourhoods (LTNs). Outcomes of community engagement can make or break a scheme no matter how well it has been planned.

This Webinar will bring together public engagement experts from across the UK who will share their experience and offer advice to transport planners.

Speakers will include

  • Dan Philips, Senior Research Fellow in the Intelligent Mobility Design Centre, Royal College of Arts who was involved in the Our Future Towns Project last year, co-financed by TPS,  and which was featured in our Transport Planning Day programme in 2020.

  • Elizabeth Barner, Transport Planner, WSP Leeds has a long history in research and engagement. She will discuss online engagement workshops, facilitated with Calderdale Council, in the setting of consultation more broadly. These focus groups were designed to elicit experience and opinion from ‘hard to reach’ voices inside communities. Special to this consultation style is engaged discussion amongst participants, who are specialists in their neighbourhoods, and the focus group format of finding commonalities and differences amongst participants. Elizabeth will consider:

    • How online workshops allow some people in and exclude others out;
    • How professionals evaluate data and ‘trust’ consultation responses;
    • Consultation’s role in educating the public about processes, options, possibilities and constraints
  • Lucy Bush, Research Director at BritainThinks, grounds her practice in qualitative and ethnographic research and specialises in citizen engagement and deliberative methodologies. She has a passion for place-based research having run community engagement projects with WMCA, Essex County Council, Wolverhampton City Council and Enfield Council exploring sensitive issues and thorny social challenges to inform strategy and policy. She will be talking about a project delivered for Warwickshire County Council that used a ‘deliberative consultation’ approach to enable residents’ to inform the development of the LTP4. Lucy will talk about how the project built knowledge amongst participants and facilitated constructive debate and discussion around complex and challenging transport issues.

  • Garry Palmer – Garry is the Lead Commissioner for Strategy and Policy within Transport and Highways for Warwickshire County Council. He has worked in various transport and highways roles over 15 years in traffic management, parking, road safety and transport planning. He is currently overseeing the development of Warwickshire’s next Local Transport Plan and will be talking about a ‘deliberative consultation’ approach to enable residents’ to inform the development of the LTP4. Gary will talk about how this process has complimented other more traditional methods of consultation used for such projects.

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This event is part of a series running up to Transport Planning Day 2021 on 15 November.

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