Policies 2016


Submission to Commons Transport Committee All lane running inquiry

Click here for full All lane running response

As well as suggesting improvements to its implementation, TPS expressed concerns over traffic generation and peak contraction, causing problems not only on the motorway network but on feeder and local networks.

Submission on DfT new Value of Travel Time (VTT)

As well as this submission, the Policy Group is engaging further with DfT on this issue and would welcome contact from anyone who is interested in this topic.  The new values are expected to be included in Webtag, and a key part of the submission was that a continuous function for the value of time, with zero value for savings less than a minute, should be used.  The current idea is for three value bands with "cliff edge" changes.

Click here for full VTT response


Submission on National Planning Policy consultation

TPS made its own submission which can be viewed here but has also supported the Smart Growth UK response which can be downloaded here. Further details on the Smart Growth UK coalition can be found here.

Submission on appraisal principles and the Lower Thames Crossing consultation

A short submission relating to key matters of principle in relation to the appraisal methodology and approach was submitted as part of the Highways England consultation and can be viewed here.


Department for Transport Consultation on Cycling and Walking Investment Strategy (May 2016)

The TPS supported the DfT’s overall commitment to increase cycling and walking but highlighted that in order to develop the strategy into real outcomes, more thought on budgets and targets needs to be considered at a local and national level.  The TPS offered to work with the DfT in delivering the strategy.

Click here to read the  TPS Consultation Response 


National Infrastructure Assessment Consultation on the National Infrastructure Assessment Process and Methodology (August 2016)

The TPS provided a robust response highlighting the need to place new infrastructure investment in the context of a framework which links transport provision with housing, employment and industrial policy.

Click here to read the response -  TPS NIC consultation on NIA


London Assembly Investigation Into Traffic Congestion In London (September 2016)

Our response highlighted that traffic congestion causes serious damage to both the local economy and environment.  It stated that London can still learn from other cities, particularly with regard to bus rapid transit, light rail/tram project funding, road pricing, parking management and integrated land-use and transport planning.

Click here to read the Response to London Assembly on traffic congestion


Department for Transport Consultation on Wider Economic Impacts (December 2016)

TPS not only provided a written response but also engaged with the DfT through expert advisory meetings.  Our response covered discussion of WEBs such as static clustering and agglomeration, and the need to understand wider disbenefits as well as benefits.

Click here to read the  TPS DfT WEI response.pdf


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