Labour market and skills DFT's consultation response

Transport Planning Society response

About the Transport Planning Society

The Transport Planning Society (TPS) is the only professional body focusing entirely on transport planning in the UK.  The aim of the Society is to raise the profile of transport planning and chart a course for the profession.


1. In your view, what skills does the transport sector need in the future?
2. How, in your view, can current qualification and training routes be made more accessible for those who want to pursue a career in the transport sector?
3. What, in your view, are effective ways to attract young people and career changers into a career in the transport sector?
4. What, in your view, are the barriers to further increasing diversity, inclusion and social mobility in the transport sector?
5. How, in your view, can barriers to diversity, inclusion and social mobility in the transport sector be reduced?



To tackle the skills shortage and create a transport workforce that is fit for the future we need continued collaboration between industry and government as well as wider stakeholders, such as educational establishments. This consultation is a welcome first step but must be followed by action. Two-way stakeholder engagement is necessary to develop a thorough strategy that is wider than just the transport sector itself. We hope our thoughts will help with this and will be happy to provide further information if necessary.

We have outlined below five key recommendations for developing skills and careers across the transport industry which encapsulate the main points made throughout our response.

Key recommendations

  • Focus on green & technological skills
  • Engage early in the education system
  • Challenge the industry’s image problem
  • Always keep EDI at the top of the agenda
  • Establish and create an inclusive work culture
  • Formalise chartership / any qualification process

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