TP Day 2020 


After the success of last year, TPS is thrilled to announce that the Transport Planning Day campaign will be run again in 2020, with Transport Planning Day 2020 being held on 16 November 2020

Transport Planning Day Campaign, events and awards 

The  Transport Planning Day campaign was launched in 2018 to raise the profile of transport planning and its role in changing people's lives. The aim is to engage communities on the role of transport planners and to celebrate the achievements of transport planning. 

The campaign takes place through a series of activities  around the UK to put the profession in the spotlight, including a reception in the House of Parliament and Transport Planning Day, which is held  in November each year.

Transport Planning day 2020

The Transport Planning Society has launched the 2020 Transport Planning Day Campaign focusing on the role of transport planners in tackling climate change and creating a sustainable, healthy future.

We have decided on climate change as this year’s theme as there are fantastic transport planning initiatives around the UK that are focusing on how to make transport and travel more sustainable. We want to continue to highlight these fantastic projects, by sharing positive news within the industry and the communities that benefit from the projects our members deliver. We also want to look to the future to see how we can improve transport even further.

Due to the current COVID-19 outbreak, our campaign will run completely online as a ‘virtual campaign’ from now until the autumn, when we hope to hold our usual Parliamentary Reception in October and Transport Planning Day itself on 16 November 2020.  This means there will be no People’s Award this year.  (If the outbreak is still affecting events, we will look to take Transport Planning Day online too). However, we will be providing lots of opportunities for our industry partners to offer support in-kind.

Over recent weeks we have been conducting research with our stakeholder members and community groups to help us make decisions on the best way to give you a virtual celebration of transport planning. We’ve received some fantastic feedback from our survey, which has enabled us to shape the campaign moving forward.

Overall, the research suggested our virtual campaign should:

  • Highlight stakeholder projects
  • Engage the younger generation
  • Reach a wider audience
  • Make sharing of material via social networks easier

We’ve taken these suggestions on board and have lots of exciting new initiatives planned for the coming months, including:

  • Showcasing some of our stakeholders’ great projects, highlighting the important role of transport planners and lessons for the profession
  • Partnering with stakeholders to share resources and best practice
  • Regular stakeholder updates via website, news bulletin, social media etc, all of which can easily be shared via stakeholder social media platforms
  • Running a climate change poster competition to engage children and young families, but also to inspire transport planners of the need to act
  • A unique partnership between TPS and CPRE to cross-promote materials produced by both organisations, therefore reaching a wider audience
  • Using the virtual campaign to enable a UK-wide participation. 

We’re excited to see these initiatives and activities unfold over the coming months. Please continue to check our website and twitter feed for updates on the programme of events for TPDay 2020.

If you would like to get involved in our TPDay 2020 campaign, please contact us at

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