As the Department for Transport consults on its Transport appraisal and modelling strategy: informing future investment decisions document heralding potential changes to the way in which schemes are evaluated, Local Transport Today is pleased to be organising a seminar on the general topic of transport investment appraisal professional activity.

It will explore how the frameworks and principles for assessing and approving different kinds of schemes might be improved to re?ect changing objectives, user behavioural patterns, the relationships with commercial development propositions, (such as new housing schemes), and with wider local economic and social development strategies, and their overall evaluation.

We will be looking at a range of circumstances and types of scheme and exploring alternative ways of capturing relevant costs and benefits to meet both public expenditure and private commercial investment objectives, including:

  • What outcomes do we want to achieve and how should we be measuring them?
  • How do we better align transport and non-transport objectives and impacts?
  • Can economic appraisal and commercial investment decision-making approaches be matched up?
  • Are modelling and forecasting capabilities constraining outcome assessment?
  • Are modal comparison assessments handled equitably?
  • How can we ensure that the benefits of small local schemes are given equal weight in funding allocations as big ticket items?
  • Are there ways to more fully embrace scheme quality and place values?

The discussion will include the perspectives of National and local agencies and both the public and private sectors, and the delivery of both transport and other policy objectives. The discussion will be led by Professor Peter Jones of University College London and Keith Mitchell, Chairman of Peter Brett Associates.

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