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The transport sector knows what it needs to do in order to achieve Net Zero emissions, and more equitable outcomes for society. The COVID-19 pandemic has put the challenges our world faces in a more urgent light - we have no more time for talk about doing something. So at this year's Mobility Camp (the successor to Transport Planning Camp) we want to look at radical decarbonisation of how we get around, whilst also improving the diversity of the transport workforce.

Mobility Camp is an unconference where we don’t just want to debate and share openly in a highly collaborative event. We want to do. We are planning an event where transport planners, engineers, pressure groups, communities, policy makers, and politicians can get together and decide what needs doing, by when, and how we will all work together to do it. And then make a start on it, there and then. We want you to be part of this.

We plan to hold the event in person, subject to COVID-19 restrictions. In organising the event, we will respect the rules on social distancing, and follow guidance from the Scottish Government and the University to ensure the event is COVID safe. If we need to shift the event online, or if there are any other changes that affect the event, we will let you know.

We are also looking for volunteers to help out on the day. If you are interested in helping out, and getting a free ticket to boot, email us on hello@mobilitycamp.co.uk. Please note that volunteer places are limited.

You can purchase tickets here. 

You can find out more about Mobility Camp at their website here. 

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