Find out about this year's Future Transport Vision Group (FTVG) projects and see which project will claim the "Outstanding Project" award.

About this event

The FTVG Steering Group are deliberating the submissions received this year and look forward to announcing this year’s “Outstanding Project” award.

Before the award is announced, this project showcase gives each of our FTVG teams the chance to present their findings to a wider audience and celebrate their success. 

It features the Gender Toolkit supported by TPS as part of the year's Transport Planning Day Campaign on EDI.

Running Order:

1. Introductions and Housekeeping (15 minutes)

2. Project Presentations (10 minutes each + Q&A)

  • Long-term implications of Covid-19 on transport planning and policy
  • Connected and Autonomous Vehicle Road Scoring Index
  • CAV-Track
  • The Gender Equality Toolkit
  • The Manchester Ad Collective

3. Award Announcement and Close (15 minutes)

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