The Transport Planning Society and Queen's University Belfast invite you to enjoy a series of lectures showcasing progressive planning practice and emerging research. 

Date: from 17:30, Wednesday 19th June

Topic: "Building Great Cities with Buses" with Jarrett Walker

Where: The Graduate School, Queen's University, Belfast and online 

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Jarrett is the Founder and CEO of Jarrett Walker + Associates. He is an international consultant in public transport planning and policy, including the links between transport and all aspects of community planning and urban structure.

His clients include authorities, municipalities, operators, developers, and non-profits – anyone who wants to make better use of public transport as a tool to support resilient communities, individual liberty, and social inclusion.
In his 33 years of consulting, Jarrett has worked on more than 200 public transport planning projects in North America, Europe, Australia, and New Zealand, in more than 100 cities, from small towns to major metro areas.

Many of these network designs have been successfully implemented. These include the redesign of the Dublin network, being implemented now, and similar projects in all of the Irish Republic's other major urban areas: Galway, Cork, Limerick, and Waterford.The National Transport Authority of Ireland has just published a guide to bus service for land use planners, written largely by Jarrett Walker and his firm. This important document is designed to help land use planners create urban forms that useful and attractive bus service can serve efficiently.

Jarrett’s firm has built a strong track record in a range of transport planning and policy issues, including local-regional transport integration, flexible services planning, and innovative public involvement. JWA staff have worked extensively on the integration of public transport into community planning at all scales, from the design of new developments to the structure of an urban region. Their work covers the spectrum of planning perspectives, from visionary urbanism to operational detail.

Jarrett is also known for his work educating stakeholders about the choices that public transport requires, building clear public consultation processes, and helping organizations form coherent and implementable transport goals. Since 2009 he has written the popular blog, which has grown into a well-respected collection of articles explaining key transport concepts and emerging issues. He is the author of the book Human Transit, which explains key concepts of public transport network planning for non-professionals. His book Human Transit: How Clearer Thinking about Public Transit Can Enrich our Communities and our Lives, was published by Island Press in 2011. A substantially revised edition was published in 2024.

Pizza and drinks will be served in the Graduate School at Queen's University from 17.30. The lecture will commence at 18.00 with an option to join online.


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