The way people move around cities is changing. We now have Uber, Lime, Lyft, Long-boards, bicycle hire schemes, in addition to the traditional private and public transport modes, and in many cities an increasing recognition of the role of walking. Understanding these modes of transport is key to creating transportation systems for the future of cities.

The way that we collect urban mobility data is also changing. The volume of data available on the mobility has grown exponentially with the growth of Smartphone technology. In the age of Big Data, transport planners have access to unrivalled volumes of data but are we getting the information that we actually want?

This half-day TPS workshop is to look at the data that Transport Planners need for the future, how new data sets can be created and how big data analytics can benefit planners, cities and citizens alike.


  • Introduction - Why is this workshop taking place and who are the people involved
  • Scope of the workshop - Goals & event schedule
  • Storytelling - Tell "your story", describing challenges, role, what data is used currently and why
  • Blue sky thinking - Brain storming solutions and testing problems/solutions
  • Next steps - How can we measure success as a group

TPS is organising this workshop for TPS members in association with iSensing. Places are limited so please book in advance here



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