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2024 presents an interesting and exciting time to examine public attitudes and behaviours in transport, as we move on from the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on how we travel, and head towards the next UK General Election. This session will present and discuss public opinion polling and insights from social research conducted by Ipsos UK. The presentation will begin with a contextual overview of the ‘mood of the nation’ on key issues and the economy, before examining public attitudes towards transport provision, active travel, decarbonisation in transport and policy options such as road user charging.


Lizzie Copp is a Research Director in Ipsos UK’s Social Research Institute. She heads up the Transport and Infrastructure social research and policy evaluation team and has conducted public opinion research for around 12 years. Lizzie designs and delivers social research on people’s travel behaviours and attitudes towards transport. This often focuses on measuring and exploring changes in how we think about and use our transport systems – including exploring how people view future transport systems, technology changes in transport, decarbonisation and modal shift. She is particularly interested in research methodologies and approaches which facilitate conversations with the public on complex and knotty topics, to generate evidence on public opinion which supports decision-making and change.



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