Transport Planning Day 2022 - 14th November 

Transport Planning Day is led by the Transport Planning Society to celebrate the best in transport planning, showcase its benefit to communities and chart a direction for the profession.

Every year we choose a specific theme for the campaign to focus on a different topic or issue within the Transport Planning profession.

“Transport Planning has never been more important” – Gavin Newlands MP, Transport Planning Day 2020 Virtual Parliamentary Reception

The campaign is based around a number of events which allows for transport planners to network and promote their achievements.

The campaign also looks to encourage young professionals into the industry by highlighting what an attractive and rewarding career transport planning can be.

“I joined Transport Planning Day 2020 to understand where transport planning is heading as an industry” – 2020 Audience Survey

Theme - Future Proofing Transport 

This year we want to focus the campaign on future proofing transport. After 2 years of managing the pandemic, we now need to start looking forward to see how we can make sure our transport systems are ready for the challenges which lie ahead. 

The Covid-19 pandemic has shown how unprepared the transport industry, and the UK more generally, were for unforeseen events. As the pandemic has changed the way we travel, perhaps indefinitely, the way we plan for the future needs to reflect that and prepare for other future threats.

Part of the way transport planners do this is through scenario planning. What are the scenarios we decide to plan for and how do we build the narrative to make the case for them?

Upcoming events

Transport Planning Day is taking place this year on the 14th November at ICE, One George Street. Further details, including speaker announcements, will follow shortly.

Stay tuned for updates on the upcoming events for Transport Planning Day 2022 which also includes our lead in events and Parliamentary roundtable.


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