Session: Online Checking LinSig, Arcady and Picady Models Course
Date: Friday 7th August 2020
Location: Online
Training provider: JCT Consultancy Ltd
Cost: £310
Contact: Emma Davey
Telephone: 01522751010
Type: Course


This 1-day (non-computer) course is aimed at providing practical assistance to anyone associated with a highways development control authority and/or consultants who are responsible for checking the traffic modelling content of Transport Assessments. Accordingly, the course will explain how to interpret and audit/check junction and/or network modelling work completed using LinSig, Arcady  and Picady.

Comprehensive aid-memoire notes will be provided which also include suitable audit/checklist sheets for each of these software products.


A brief introduction to data collection, trip generation and distribution will be given, but only in the context of traffic modelling inputs. 


Course content.

The course will cover the following topics: -

- The rationale for traffic model checking and what might be at stake for transport outcomes.

 - Appropriateness of traffic counts and their input into the modelling. Accuracy of all traffic flow inputs to the model.

- Modelling input dependent on the geometric details of both existing and proposed junctions, together with appropriateness of traffic signal control details used for existing junctions.

- Arcady modelling of roundabouts, with an explanation of the software and guidance on the checking of input data, interpretation of outputs, including issues of lane usage and over-optimistic results, followed by a class exercise.

- Picady modelling of priority junctions, with an explanation of the software and guidance on the checking of input data, followed by the correct interpretation of results, followed by a class exercise.


- LinSig modelling of single traffic signal junctions and networks of junctions, with an explanation of the software, a step by step checking process, followed by a class exercise.

Target Audience:

Who should attend.

This course is suitable for anyone involved with junction related work in Transport Assessments, including modelling of existing junctions and networks, modelling and design of proposed junctions, and basic scrutiny of concept drawings of proposed junctions. This includes any people involved directly in highway development control, or those who give advice to local highway and/or planning authorities. The course is also especially suitable for consultants who have internal checking or quality assurance procedures which they are required to apply to their own development planning work. 

More Information:


An appreciation of the importance of the junction related content of Transport Assessments.


Accreditation.All JCT courses are “Approved” or are pending “Approval” by the Institute of Highway Engineers and attendance is therefore recognised by the IHE and many other bodies as evidence of Continual Professional Development (CPD).

Courses are managed under a ISO9001 Quality Management System.

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