Session: Online Interpretation and writing of TOPAS TR2500 Controller Specification forms for Transport Modellers and Design Engineers
Date: Thursday 6th August 2020
Location: Online
Training provider: JCT Consultancy Ltd
Cost: £310
Contact: Emma Davey
Telephone: 01522751010
Type: Course


This course is a detailed examination of Controller Specification forms to allow Transport Modellers to extract accurate information for modelling and assist Traffic Signal Design Engineers in preparing Traffic Signal Controller Specifications. It is based on the TOPAS TR2500 Specification (formerly TR2210A/MCE0141) for microprocessor traffic controllers. Using a real world example the course takes delegates through an ITS1827D document considering all the elements which make up a Specification with theory breaks covering Phase Delays, Detection, Controller Logic, UTC, VA, CLF, Call Cancel Loops, Shuttle Working, SDE/SA, Hurry Calls, Priority/Emergency Modes, Pedestrian Linking and Cross Stream Linking.    


Course content.

  • Purpose of the specification. History of the specification and structure of the associated document
  • Introduction to the ITS1827D forms and associated spreadsheet
  • Working up and interpreting ITS1827D data
  • Introduction to the study junction
  • Examination of the Forms 1 to 13
  • Each form in order with examination of start-up sequence and starting intergreen and a theory break for Phase Delays, Detection and Controller Logic
  • Boolean Logic Workshop Exercise
  • Using the study junction to work up Boolean Logic for UTC, CLF and VA
  • Examination of the Forms 14 to 21
  • Each form in order with theory breaks for Call/Cancel Loops, Shuttle Working, SDE/SA and CLF
  • Examination of the Forms 22 to 33
  • Each form in order with theory breaks for Hurry Calls, Priority/Emergency Modes, Pedestrian and Cross Stream Linking and LRT detectors

Target Audience:

Who should attend.

This course will benefit both Transport Modellers and Traffic Signal Design Engineers

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All JCT courses are Approved or are pending Approval by the Institute of Highway Engineers and attendance is therefore recognised by the IHE and many other bodies as evidence of Continual Professional Development (CPD).

Courses are managed under a ISO9001 Quality Management System.


Additional information.

Formally delivered as the TR2500 Controller Specifications course this course has been redesigned and reformatted to make it more accessible to a wider audience and includes additional theory elements. Attendees of the former course should be aware that some content from the original course remains.

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