Session: Transport Policy and Sustainable Mobility
Date: TBC
Location: Newcastle upon Tyne
Training provider: Newcastle University
Cost: 1325.00
Contact: Professional Development Team
Telephone: 0191 208 5456
Type: Course


Course Objectives

The course provides you with a knowledge of:

  • how Transport Plans are created and linked in to the delivery of policies
  • national, regional and local funding
  • maintaining and implementing Transport Plans
  • influencing travel decisions
  • provision of travel information


Course Outline

  • Policy implemented by transport plans
  • Plans: creation and the link to policy; National, Regional; Local (LTP, LSTF); funding as part of the process
  • Maintaining and implementing Transport Plans
  • International variations
  • Travel Plans as part of Transport Plans: commercial/residential sustainable development (site visit)
  • Elements of travel planning
  • Delivering Transport Plans: incentives for smarter travel
  • Walking, cycling, public transport, teleworking
  • Influencing travel decisions
  • Travel Information
  • Personalised travel planning
  • Park and Ride, public transport ticketing/price incentives
  • Marketing

Target Audience:

This course is primarily aimed at those wanting to develop an appreciation of the transport planning process across a variety of spatial scales and understand how the Smarter Mobility agenda can be implemented through various means.

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