Session: Learn Body Language an Art of Communication
Date: TBC
Location: London
Training provider: I-Select Consultancy Ltd
Cost: £199
Contact: Zeenara Najam
Telephone: 44 (0) 78 468 52 659
Type: Course


The course is suitable for people having a great desire for higher levels of communication.Once discovering, understanding, applying and creating rapport through the knowledge of Body Language, each individual will experience tremendous growth to carry your day to day work related tasks.



Session 1

  • Question - Quiz
  • Do you speak Body Language?
  • How can you speak Body Language?
  • What is Body Language?
  • Countries, languages and cultures

Session 2

  • Does your body lie?
  • Our brain - Do the test - Who am I
  • Discover someone’s Body Language
  • Directions one is looking
  • Your eyes, the soul of your Body Language

Session 3

  • Silent Movies - Laurel and Hardy - Charlie Chaplin
  • Body Language and energy, oxygen and thoughts
  • Our body’s chemicals influencing our Body Language
  • Your personal space
  • Body Language and assumptions

Session 4

  • Micro Expressions
  • Greetings, handshakes & mirroring
  • Discovering Body Language
  • Body Language exercises
  • Wrap up discussion




Target Audience:

Project Managers , HR Managers,  Recruiters, Team Leaders, Professionals in Sales and Marketing, Transport Planners, Lawyers, Judges, Police, Politicians, Teachers, Business Owners, Directors, Chief Executive Officers

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