Session: LinSig3.2 : SCATS™ Modelling Computer Workshop - Dublin
Date: TBC
Location: Dublin
Training provider: JCT Consultancy Ltd
Cost: €360
Telephone: 01522 751010
Type: Workshop


LinSig3.2 can seamlessly be switched from UK based TR2500 mode to SCATS™ mode. The SCATS™ controller model replicates SCATS™ Signal Groups, Phases, Clearance Times and Pedestrian Protection. SCATS™ mode also supports the import of flows directly from SCATS™ dump files with automatic data searching and aggregation. This one day course covers the use of LinSig3’s key SCATS™ based features. The course is computer based with practical workshop exercises.


Since 1985, LinSig has been the industry standard modelling software for traffic signal design and assessment. This one day workshop is key training for anyone wishing to extend their LinSig modelling skills to include the modelling of SCATS™ controlled junctions and networks. The Sydney Coordinated Adaptive Traffic System (SCATS™) has been adopted by twenty seven countries around the world including Australia, New Zealand and Ireland (Dublin).

Target Audience:

This course is suitable for anyone who is already familiar with basic LinSig modelling or who has attended the previous two day LinSig Junction Modelling course. The LinSig3 Junction Modelling course and the SCATS™ course run concurrently and are available as a discounted three day bundle.

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Delegates are expected to have a basic understanding of LinSig modelling and of SCATS™ based terminology such as Signal Groups, Phases and Clearance Intervals (although a brief revision of terminology session will be provided at the start of the course).



All JCT courses are “Approved” or are pending “Approval” by the Institute of Highway Engineers and attendance is therefore recognised by the IHE and many other bodies as evidence of Continual Professional Development (CPD).

Courses are managed under a ISO9001 Quality Management System.


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