Dougie McDonald lrDougie, what professional qualifications do you have?

I am delighted that TPP has now been given Chartered status, so I’m proud to say CTTP.  I am also a Chartered Fellow of CILT and a Member of CHIT and a TPS member.

How important have your qualifications been to you as your career has developed?

As market competition has increased, both internally and externally, they have played an increasingly important role in demonstrating my credibility and my credentials in transport planning.

What importance does Stantec place on professional qualifications in the development of the careers of its transport planners?

We consider it an important step towards producing well rounded, experienced and professional consultants who fully appreciate their technical and managerial roles as transport planning consultants.

How important do you think professional recognition will be for younger transport planners, as they develop their careers?

In an increasingly competitive market place, demonstrating your professionalism and competency through professional qualifications will be a key determinant of career progression, especially in an era in which sustainable transport is increasingly important.  Transport planners come from many backgrounds but it is the CTPP which demonstrates the rounded skills of the professional Transport Planner.

Stantec is one of the organisations that has adopted the TPS Professional Development Scheme. Why do you encourage the younger members of your staff to follow it?

The TPS Professional Development Scheme provides a well-structured programme that ensures they get a solid grounding in all aspects of transport planning. Stantec has a great balance of deep specialists and well-rounded transport planners and we want our younger consultants to get a wide appreciation of the business before specialising.

Would you encourage others to work towards the CTPP qualification?

Yes!  It demonstrates the breadth of experience they have obtained, as well as the commitment they have shown, to be awarded the CTPP.  It marks them out from those working in transport planning but without the commitment to gain the professional qualification for transport planners.

What do you see as the main benefits of having the CTPP?

Development as a well-rounded professional, who understand what other disciplines can bring to problem solving but is well placed in the internal and external market places.

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