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Our inaugural people’s awards are now open for entries. Communities are invited to tell the professionals how transport planning has improved their lives. This could include enabling the creation of great new places, new opportunities to travel for all, or simply making a small local difference to the journey to school or the shops.  Communities could include parish or town councils, residents’ associations, civic societies or similar bodies. 

It’s often not the big projects that are the best solution – we want to hear about the ways transport planning has helped protect communities, as well as create new opportunities. The awards will recognise transport-related projects and initiatives that have made a genuine contribution to improving people’s access to services, quality of life and wellbeing.

Local people know which schemes have made things better for their communities. Our awards are about showcasing what makes a good scheme from the community’s point of view. 

To qualify for entry, projects or initiatives must have been in operation for at least one year. Entries must be able to show how the outcomes have made a positive contribution to the principles of transport planning.  

The principles embody the idea that transport planners’ work should:

· maximise connectivity for people and businesses
· manage the demand for travel
· meet key quality of life objectives
· are integrated and provide a range of choices to people on how and when they can travel
· are adaptable, flexible and resilient, and
· innovate and work creatively with new technologies so that they benefit the whole of society.

The Awards Ceremony

An independent judging panel will select the finalists and the overall winner of the People’s Award.
We will announce the shortlist at an afternoon tea reception in Parliament hosted by Lilian Greenwood MP on 10 October. All shortlisted communities or individuals and those responsible for the project will receive VIP invites to the reception.
We will announce the winner of the People’s Award at Transport Planning Day at the Institution of Civil Engineers in London on 13 November.
As well as being profiled at our Transport Planning Day events, we will feature all shortlisted communities on our website and in the awards brochure. Shortlisted entries will also receive certificates and ‘finalist’ logos for use in their publicity materials. 


How to enter

Please submit entries as a word document or pdf, answering the following questions in no more than 500 words:

  1. Why do you think this transport programme or scheme is good for your community?
  2. In what way(s) has the scheme / programme helped the community?
  3. Who has benefited most from the transport programme / scheme?
  4. Was the scheme/programme supported by the community?
  5. Who promoted the programme / scheme and made it happen?

Entries should include:

  • A title, one or two photos, and a map of the location
  • Groups or individuals can submit nominations, but please provide a key contact and their details with your nomination.

To enter, please complete the form below and attach the 500 word summary.

The awards are open for entries until 3 August 2018.

Example Entry  For The People's Award 


Creative transport planning combined a need with an opportunity by converting the former X – Y railway trackbed to a combined cycling and pedestrian route. The last link in the route was the restoration of a historic railway viaduct and its inclusion in the route in 2015, costing £1.5m. Funding for the viaduct was by the local City Council, the local County Council, and Sustrans (via the DfT “Linking Places” fund).

The new link now forms part of a National Cycle Route and provides a 3km traffic-free route between the heart of X and the southern outskirts of the town. It has been a real boon for local residents as well as long distance cyclists. It is both a recreational and a transport facility. It is used for cycle commuting from nearby villages enabling cyclists to enter the city away from trafficked roads. It is used by leisure cyclists, runners, joggers, walkers and dogs for recreational purposes. It also links a park-and-ride site to the city centre offering a park-and-cycle opportunity.

The route is a joy. It offers a tranquil and relaxed environment amidst the leafy greenery, but is sufficiently well used that it seldom feels lonely. It is immediately accessible for thousands of residents and workers of X. Its many users enjoy fresh air and great exercise in lovely surroundings. It is a real asset to the life of the city. It is a fine example of how transport (the former railway line) can be adapted to suit changing times and needs with a little clever thinking.

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