Contact: Mirri Hengeveld
Region: England - SE - Greater London
Location: London
Sector: Consultant
Category: Traffic engineering
Closes: Sunday 19th September 2021
Salary: above £50K

Traffic Simulation Researcher

Job Description

About us

At Vivacity, we make cities smarter. We gather real-time data from our sensors to reduce congestion, spot dangerous manoeuvres on the road to improve safety, and support autonomous vehicles.

Using Machine Learning and simulation techniques at the forefront of academic and research thinking, we optimise traffic lights to prioritise cyclists and improve air quality. To support this, we gather anonymised data through simple, efficient, and affordable Computer Vision based sensors.

All our solutions are community-centric, using 'privacy by design' principles. Our ultimate goal is to make the European vision of a Smart City - one which makes the city work effectively, for the community.

About the role

Salary: £45,000-60,000 p/a

We are looking for an enthusiastic and talented researcher to help us build the next generation of traffic simulation systems.

Traffic simulation is currently prohibitively expensive for many use-cases, requiring vast amounts of time and effort to answer very narrow questions.

You will be researching cutting-edge techniques from the fields of data science, computer science, and software development, and applying them to this domain. Your work will help to make simulation a cost-effective tool which can be used ubiquitously across the mobility ecosystem to solve a broad range of problems in transport planning, scheme design and appraisal, and operational control.

You will join our multidisciplinary Smart Junctions Research team, using an AI-based signal control system in the real world to control live traffic.

We are already using our system to control eleven junctions across three cities, and we will expand to control over twenty junctions by the end of 2021.

Simulation is a core component of this system, and your work will have a direct impact on reducing congestion, improving air quality, and promoting sustainable travel modes.

You will contribute to the delivery of simulated training environments to support Smart Junctions deployments in new regions, as we expand our AI control technology across more towns and cities in the UK and beyond.

You will also take an active role in steering the direction of simulation research within the company, keeping up to date with advances in the industry and identifying opportunities where we can apply our industry-leading innovation capabilities to solve problems for our current and future customers.

Vivacity is committed to the growth and development of our people. We offer a personal training budget to promote this, and there will be opportunities to work with and learn from experts within the company in varied fields including machine learning, software development, computer vision, and product and project management.

Vivacity welcomes applications from all candidates and embraces diversity within our teams. If you are in any doubt as to whether you would be a good fit, please get in touch, or apply anyway and we will get back to you. We look forward to hearing from you!

Your primary focus will be on research and development, exploring topics such as:

  • Automating the calibration and validation of simulations
  • Accelerating simulation runtime and expanding the feasible geographical scope of traffic models
  • Developing a suite of data analysis and visualisation tools

About you       

  • Expert understanding of the principles of calibration and validation
  • Evidence of research proficiency (e.g. PhD, MRes, prior commercial research role)
  • Experience developing prototype solutions based on research findings
  • Experience programming in Python and using common software development tools such as version control systems, automated testing and continuous integration
  • Ability to effectively communicate complex concepts to non-experts and to collaborate with experts in other fields


  • Experience working with traffic microsimulation packages (such as SUMO, VISSIM or Aimsun)
  • Experience working with 3D modeling packages and game engines (such as Unity or Unreal)

We offer flexible working policies and a benefits package that includes a personal development budget, an annual company away trip, and regular, varied events. This is an exciting opportunity to take an active part in shaping the future of an energetic company dedicated to revolutionising the way our cities work.


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