WANTED! Are you interested and willing to become more involved in working with the Government, other professional institutions and the TPS on the interface of planning and transport? If so we need you now.

Over the last three years the TPS together with the CIHT and RTPI have been working collaboratively to try and improve the outcomes of development. So far we have published some advice – Better Planning, Better Transport, Better Places - and begun its dissemination. During this process we have established a strong working relationship not only across the professions but also with both the Department of Transport and Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government. We are seeking to influence the National Planning Policy Framework, the associated guidance and the methodologies used and are having some success.  There is however considerably more work still to be done which is on-going so we need urgently to build up our resources if we are going to maintain our input and impact. Given concerns about mental and physical health, as well as pollution and climate change, this work is critical and urgent.  If you have interest, knowledge and experience in this field please contact us.

Anyone interested or wanting to know more should contact Lynda Addison on 07956 173267 or lynda@lynda-addison.co.uk



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