TPS hosted a session at this year's online European Transport Conference on "Growing and improving transport planning skills in Europe" with presentations by TPS Chair, Stephen Bennett and Skills Director, Keith Buchan to raise the profile of transport planning in the UK and to kickstart the exchange of experience with other transport planners in Europe. 

TPS Chair, Stephen Bennett explained what we mean by transport planning in the UK, how transport planning has evolved and how it has become a profession in its own right, championed by TPS.  Through its  diverse membership and  the establishment of the branch in the Republic of Ireland it's reach is becoming increasingly international. Download his presentation here.  Skills Director, Keith Buchan followed this with a presentation on Transport Skills Development in the UK and Ireland and the important work of TPS is gaining professional recognition for transport planners through the PDS, TPP, apprenticeships and a suite of qualifications - a first in Europe. 

We plan to continue the discussion in 2021 to build up a comprehensive picture of how transport planning is regarded and developed in different countries and what we can learn from each other going forward. It is intended that this session will be the forerunner of a further session at ETC 2021 to provide a forum for discussing the role of transport planners at a pan-European level with the intention of strengthening co-operation with universities with academic courses teaching would-be transport planners and with networks and bodies in different countries which represent transport planning. If you would like to get involved or have useful contacts in other European countries please do get in touch by emailing



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