Roads Runways and Resistance – from the Newbury Bypass to Extinction Rebellion

Roads, Runways and Resistance by Steve Melia tells a 30-year story of the most controversial issues in transport, and the protest movements they spawned.  His research included 50 interviews with government ministers, advisors and protestors - many of whom, including 'Swampy', were speaking for the first time about the events they describe. It is a story of transport ministers undermined by their own Prime Ministers, protestors attacked or quietly supported by the police, and smartly-dressed protestors who found a way onto the roof of the Houses of Parliament.

Melia is a frequent writer for the transport press.  His last book, Urban Transport Without the Hot Air, was packed with statistics and analysis.  This one is very different.  As the preface says:

“I did not expect to be writing a crime or spy story but fraud, violence, spying, sexual ‘misdemeanours’ and ambivalent actions by the police all feature at different points… I had no idea when I started researching this book that I would eventually become a direct participant.”

More about the book:

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