TPS Chair's message November 2021

After much planning, and a huge array of excellent warm up events, we’re on the home straight to Transport Planning Day 2021.

A huge thanks to all our sponsors, board members and other TPS friends and associates for their support in organising this year’s campaign, including the many who have given up their own evenings to arrange events for our members.  Our timely theme of equality, diversity and inclusion seems to have really touched a nerve across many in the industry and we’re grateful to have shared some best practice in this field, as well as started a lot of necessary conversations about the challenges we face in this space that will no doubt continue long after this year’s campaign has finished.

A big thank you from me also goes to JFG Communications and PTRC for supporting us with the organisation and running of the many events.

Lots more detail on Transport Planning Day and registration for the event can be found here. I hope to see as many members as possible joining us for proceedings on the afternoon of the 15th, as well as organising and taking part in their own events. Please promote on your social media platforms using #TPDay2021 and let’s see if we can’t get Transport Planning penetrating the national consciousness!

As important as Transport Planning Day no doubt is, the society accepts the attention of the world may be falling more on the events happening in Glasgow at the moment. As I write this, there are mixed noises coming out about the success of the British Government in delivering the breakthroughs necessary to realise the ambition of COP 21. ‘Transport Day’ is scheduled for 10th November. Coming off the back of the UK’s Transport Decarbonisation Plan, TPS is optimistic about what might be achieved for the sector, however it is concerning to see the focus on the day’s preamble being almost entirely on facilitating electric mobility rather than ‘avoid’ and ‘shift’ initiatives that will also play an important role. For more information on what COP 26 could mean for transport planners, see this excellent blog from TPS board member Rose Yorke Barber.

I look forward to reflecting on the outcomes of COP and of course TP Day in my next message to you in the new year. 


Mark Frost
TPS Chair

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