"Engaging enterprises: community placemaking and transport planning" participant appeal 

Last year the Intelligent Mobility Design Centre at the Royal College of Art partnered with TPS and produced a report entitled: 'Our Future Towns: Community Place Making and Transport Planning'. For more information, please visit: https://tps.org.uk/tps-policy/our-future-towncommunity-place-making-and-transport-planning 

As part of their ongoing research, they are conducting a project called 'Engaging enterprises: community placemaking and transport planning', which has been externally sponsored by the National Innovation Centre for Rural Enterprises.

Researchers have invited TPS members to take part in this research project.  

They are looking for entrepreneurs and business leaders who are working in, and with, rural communities in Northumberland and the Tyne Valley. 

They would like your help to understand your philosophy, feelings and knowledge about the future, with a particular focus on rural communities, future transport and the success of your rural enterprise. 

They will also connect you with the NICRE network where you can access research insights, toolkits to help develop your business and free training and skills workshops.

If you consent to participate, the project will involve:
- completing an online questionnaire
- joining two small online workshops with 4 or 5 other rural entrepreneurs or business leaders (each lasting approximately 2 hours)

During these activities they want to hear your perspectives, share knowledge and develop creative responses to the future of rural communities and the transport and systems that link you together.

For more information, and to get involved, please go to: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLScY7-PzI6apHACV0p7DHQU2aves-1L-rNb7_-Dy1GmU4XRiow/viewform


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