TPS warmly welcome Podaris as the latest organisation to join our list of Stakeholder members and looks forward to greater collaboration. 

Their Managing Director, Nathan Koren said
"We're very excited to be part of the society and are looking forward to becoming more involved."

"We have become a TPS member because the pandemic has demonstrated the importance of collaboration and agility in transport planning, and the sheer resilience shown by planners in their response has been remarkable. Whether it has been supporting planners quantifying the value of emergency active travel interventions like pop-up cycle lanes, or rapidly redesigning bus networks; globally, one thing is clear: the needs and timelines of our customers have changed - and continue to. We are excited to join the Transport Planning Society at a time where the status quo is continuing to be redefined, and the innovation around workflows, methodologies, and solutions is evolving at an explosive rate. Through engaging with the diverse community, Podaris hopes to ensure the solutions we continue to develop meet the needs of both today's and tomorrow’s planners."
About Podaris

Podaris is a cloud-based collaboration platform for transport planning, analysis, and stakeholder engagement. Designed for transport planners, by transport planners, Podaris empowers experts and non-experts alike to create transport and development scenarios in minutes, using powerful analytical tools to understand costs/benefits of a project. The platform helps everyone from local authorities to large global consultancies by adding value to transport projects of every scale — from multi-billion-pound infrastructure projects, such as the expansions of Heathrow Airport and Google’s campus in Silicon Valley, to local scheme appraisals. Whether moving a bus stop or planning an entirely new autonomous metro system, Podaris helps to shorten feedback loops from months to milliseconds — improving the transparency and accuracy of transport planning, facilitating stakeholder buy-in while reducing the time and cost by as much as 80%. For more information visit

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