Another successful PDS Completion - Congratulations to Natasha Smithson of AECOM

Natasha is the second PDS completion from AECOM, and the third to have their final review conducted by videoconference this year.  She was mentored by Fiona Ahmed who sat in on the review.  With around 30 remote reviews scheduled so far this year, and mentor training now adapted to remote working, the TPS Skills team is fully functional despite the COVID changes.

Tasha said that:

“I am really proud to have completed the TPS PDS and become an Incorporated Transport Planner! The scheme has provided me with a well-rounded understanding of a range of aspects in transport planning and I am grateful to my mentors over the years who have supported me through the process. I am looking forward to building upon the skills I have learnt and work towards becoming a Chartered Transport Planning Professional in the future.”

Natasha Smithson IMG 1355Natasha photographed with her Certificate 

Keith Buchan, TPS Skills Director said:

"Congratulations to Tasha for her achievement, we welcome her to the growing community of transport planners who have completed PDS and can now also use the title Incorporated Transport Planner: IncTP.  As ever with final reviews we provide advice on moving forward to TPP, which she fully intends to do.  Despite the many personal and working challenges caused by Covid the TPS skills team continues to do what it can to retain and develop skills at this difficult time.  In 2021 we are seeing a return in demand for first and final reviews and with the launch of Version 4 later in June we look forward to many more trainees following Tasha’s example and coming forward in the next few months.  We are always ready to provide advice and support.  Please get in touch!”


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