Cities and Places Active Challenge 

Jacobs, a TPS Stakeholder Member and sponsor of Transport Planning Day has launched a Cities and Places Active Challenge to be launched on 16 November to coincide with TP Day. 

Are you ready to participate in the Cities and Places Active Challenge? Let’s go!

What Is it? Our collective goal is virtual travel from the Jacobs London office to Jacobs HQ in Dallas calling in at a number of Jacobs offices along the way.

This represents a total distance of 9825 kms, 6140 miles or 12,281,250 steps and we have set the challenge of covering this ground in just over a month.


Jacobs challenge map


Why have we set up the challenge?  Three great reasons:

  • To help improve mental and physical wellbeing by encouraging staff to take a break from sitting at a computer
    and doing something active each day particularly at lunchtime
  • To promote active modes of travel for short trips in support of Transport Planning Day 2020, which this year has
    the theme of tackling climate change and creating a sustainable, healthy future
  • To provide a light-hearted opportunity for staff to take part in some gentle competition and enjoy a little fun during
    the ongoing COVID restrictions

How to take part? Everyone can contribute individually or as part of a team – all you need to do is log your activity in a simple form and we will do the rest.

When? From Monday 16th November (Transport Planning Day 2020) to Friday 18th December inclusive. You can register a team of up to 6 people NOW. Just follow the link below

Team Sign Up

All activities can be logged by filling out the form below. You can walk, run, cycle, row, scoot or whatever, as long as it is non-motorised! 

Your distance can be recorded in miles, kilometres or steps.

Activity Log  (Note this link will not be active until Monday)

The Challenge is being co-ordinated by Tim Cuthbert, Jacobs Director of Transport Planning and a Board Member of TPS

Please take up the challenge and have a bit of fun !


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