Get on board with the TPS Mentoring Scheme!

Are you ready to supercharge your career or give back to the transport industry? Join us as a mentee or mentor and unlock a world of possibilities!

🚀 For Mentees: Are you facing career dilemmas or seeking to explore the transport sector? Dive into the TPS Mentoring Scheme for:

·       Boosted self-awareness 🧠

·       Skyrocketed self-confidence 💪

·       Sharpened communication skills 🗣️

·       Expanded network in transport 🌐

·       Fresh perspectives and ideas 🤔

·       Enhanced self-reflection abilities 🌟

·       Masterful goal-setting skills 🏆

·       Wisdom from experienced professionals 🌠

·       Reliable support and advocacy 🤝

🌟 For Mentors: Ready to guide and inspire the next generation of transport enthusiasts? Step up as a mentor and enjoy:

·       Polished feedback delivery skills 📣

·       Insightful questioning techniques ❓

·       Attentive listening superpowers 👂

·       Exposure to diverse viewpoints 🌎

·       Elevated job satisfaction levels 😊

·       Fulfilment through supporting others 🙌

·       Spreading kindness and knowledge 📚

Don't miss out on the chance to grow, learn, and create meaningful connections in the vibrant world of transport with the TPS Mentoring Scheme! Sign up today and let's journey towards success together! 🚗🚆🚢🌟

Please sign-up here and express your interest.

🌟 Expressions of interest closing 12th May 2024 🚀


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