Three early career professionals who are also members of TPS (Marie Godward, Molly Hoggard and Laura Brooks) have created a Gender Equality Toolkit for Transport Professionals. The toolkit follows on from the industry surveys and workshops they carried out earlier this year.They hope that this toolkit will be informative and useful for members of the Transport Planning Society.

The open access toolkit has been created with funding from the FTVG ( to support transport professionals by providing guidance and resources to better understand and address gender equality issues in transportation. 

Mark Frost, Chair of TPS said:

"The development of the Gender Equality Toolkit is a very timely initiative which fits well with the objectives of this year's Transport Planning Day Campaign which focuses on EDI in transport" 

Please visit their website to view the toolkit here: (Gender Equality Toolkit in Transport - GET IT (

If you would like to know more please get in touch with them through LinkedIn or via email at Their toolkit is an evolving piece of work and they welcome your feedback.



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