TPS has links with ENTPE (Ecole National des Travaux Publics de l’Etat), the leading transport planning school in France and one of the prestigious Grandes Ecoles. Every year, from April – August, some of their students seek work placements in the UK or Ireland and TPS would like to offer your organisation the opportunity to host one or more in 2019.

High calibre students

The students from ENTPE are of a very high calibre. Their 3-year course combines transport and planning, so they have a rounded understanding. Entry requirements to the school are stringent, including a demanding 2-year post-Baccalauréatfoundation course (organised by the state) and fluency in English. To give you a flavour of their capabilities, this is what some managers who hosted ENTPE students in the UK in 2018 said about them :

“Her ability to readily adapt to any situation proved a pleasure for her manager”

“….. motivated, bright and engaged. In many cases ENTPE students have proved themselves capable of producing work of high commercial value, under relatively minimal supervision”

“ ….. a very positive and proactive attitude, been keen to get involved in variety of work, been able to work independently on specific tasks and always presented herself very professionally”

“She is keen to understand how tasks she is undertaking and her involvement fit into the overall project completion, showing interest and passion for the subject.”

We are sure that these are the qualities you would like to have in your own team!

TPS Stakeholder members will be  sent CV’s directly but if anyone else wishes to view CV’s of students interested in working in the UK or Ireland this year and find out more about the work placement arrangements, click here.





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