European Transport Conference 2022: Call for papers

The Association for European Transport (AET) is inviting the submission of abstracts ahead of the European Transport Conference (ETC) 2022.

The authors of selected papers will have the opportunity to present their work at ETC 2022, its 50th year, set to be held in Milan in September. 

Each year, ETC showcases papers that address themes of relevance to the transport agenda in Europe and worldwide. 

The major theme of this year's conference will be: 'Behaviour change - the impacts of the climate emergency and Covid-19 on long term travel patterns.'

Some key areas of interest are:

  • Covid recovery: funding and the financial stability of public transport
  • The future of cities: emerging new travel and land-use patterns
  • The future of aviation: compatibility of recovery and sustainability
  • Travel data: when will new travel patterns be stable enough to inform modelling and forecasting?

In addition to these themes, papers that fit within the Programme Committees' areas of interest are also very welcome. 

The deadline for abstract submission is 7 February 2022. 

You can find out more about the conference, and how to submit an abstract, here.

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