The Driverless Cars Emulsion is a novel idea created by Professor Glenn Lyons to bring together the different constituencies of people and perspectives on the prospect of a driverless cars future. The aim is that, through open-minded engagement, more can be understood about this significant and yet complex and divisive topic in the interests of more constructively and effectively moving forwards. There will be six one-day workshops taking place between July and December 2019 organised by Landor (see attached) from which a report and wider promotion of the initiative’s findings will follow.

Whether you are an evangelist, opponent, agnostic or of another persuasion regarding driverless cars, if you value the prospect of sharing views with others and learning from those who may have differing insights, please consider requesting a place at one of the workshops. They are free to attend and will be taking place in London, Bristol, Birmingham, Manchester, Leeds and Edinburgh. Demand for attendance is expected to be high.

Why the title ‘Driverless Cars Emulsion’? The ‘lovers’ and ‘haters’ on driverless cars seem like oil and water – they don’t naturally seem to mix. However, if an emulsifier is added then they do mix, forming an emulsion. We feel that creating an emulsion of minds on this topic could be beneficial.

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To request a place, please visit and select ‘Driverless Cars Emulsion’. 



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