Delivering the PDS during the COVID-19 crisis

We would like to begin by wishing all the participants in the PDS a safe pathway through the current COVID-19 situation.  We have been actively considering the direct and immediate impact on PDS operations, in particular the review process, mentor training, and the June meeting of the PDS Managers.  We are assuming that the crisis will continue into June and quite probably beyond. 

In this case we have worked out a series of measures which will allow the PDS to continue and flourish during this difficult time.  Obviously we will increase use of the web for many activities but this entails some change to the way the scheme is delivered, for managers, mentors, and trainees.

Our initial plan is set out in the latest Advice Note, and we will be monitoring its impact during the coming weeks and making any necessary adjustments. 

TPS Skills Director Keith Buchan said:

“We recognise these are unprecedented times for our industry and need a rapid and flexible response.  We have taken these immediate steps to ensure that the PDS will carry on with as little disruption as possible, and indeed to ensure we make best use of web based methods in future. Overall we want to assure all participants in the PDS that, despite the current difficulties, we will be working to ensure that candidates can offer the best representation of themselves, their learning, and their work.”



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