TPS members’ TPP success

The results of the June TPP professional reviews have been released, with 11 new TPPs.  The reviews, originally scheduled for May, were switched on line.  Many thanks to Greg Saunders from CIHT for his work making the change so successful. 

Congratulations to all the new TPPs but especially to the 7 TPS members: Ed Downer and Colin Harwood from Mott Macdonald, Olivia Hockney, Claire Mackay and Laurence Venables from Systra, Chris Paterson from Stantec, and Nicola Waight from Hampshire County Council.

TPS Skills Director Keith Buchan said:

“Drawing on the experience of the PDS on line final reviews in April and May, and now having sat in on a remote TPP review, I can reassure TPS members that both TPP and PDS are fully operational.  We have now also held meetings of the PDS Managers, TPP Professional Standards Committee and Partnership Management Group on line.  The next submission deadline for standard route submissions is 25th September with interviews scheduled for 9th – 13th November. However we are ready to hold these remotely as required and this method may well have a role in TPP expansion in the future.”

Please note:

Holders of the TPP can apply for the additional chartered title CTPP through CIHT:

Senior Route applications for TPP can be made at any time.


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