The Committee on Climate Change has issued advice on housing and climate change which includes a section on sustainable  travel which has been welcomed by TPS Chair, Lynda Addison. 

See below for the summary and report.,

and report is here:

There is a whole section on sustainable transport. The report references TfNH research extensively and copies some of its recommendations. Their headline recommendation is:

 " New developments should enable sustainable travel, which should be a primary consideration from the beginning of the planning process. This includes planning neighbourhoods around infrastructure to encourage walking, cycling, the use of public transport and electric vehicles. Walking and cycling routes should be well lit, feel safe and be segregated from busy traffic. Integrating consideration of sustainable transport into plans for new houses should ensure developments are easy to serve by public transport. Local authorities must consider where best to locate new homes to minimise the need to travel to work and amenities such as shops and schools. New developments should ensure easy access to electric vehicle charging points for residents in both private and public parking spaces. "



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