TPS is responsible for the industry standard Professional Development Scheme (PDS) which in turn prepares transport planners for the TPP qualification, run jointly with CIHT.  We currently have three opportunities for TPS members to help us develop skills for the future generation of transport planners.  We know that many members of the profession are reviewing what they do and we are happy to have a confidential discussion on any of the positions below.  We have advertised them before, but the process was interrupted by the work responding to COVID 19.  We are pleased to say that the PDS is fully functional and we have already held several first and final reviews, and mentor training sessions, over the net.  TPP reviews are also moving on line.  We continue to develop the new approach but it has been very successful so far.

The first position is for someone to replace our long standing PDS Reviews Manager, Keith Youngman. Keith has supported the PDS for almost a decade including work on revising the core documentation, drafting Advice Notes, and setting up the Review system.  This post is integral to the running of the PDS and contributing to skills work overall, as well as a hands on role working with trainees and participating in PDS meetings and webinars.  As well as travel expenses there is remuneration for core tasks and also for specific attendances such as reviews and training reviewers.  Any member of the transport planning community who is interested in taking on this role should in the first instance contact the Director for Skills on 

The second is in our PDS review team where we need experienced practitioners to support trainees along their way and then participate in the final review process which enables them to complete the PDS and become IncTP.  This involves around 8-10 days a year visiting employers and seeing up to 3 trainees per visit, plus some preparation and follow up work.  Individuals in the current team are based in different areas across the UK and any senior transport planner who is interested in becoming a reviewer should in the first instance contact the Director for Skills on  As well as travel expenses there is remuneration for conducting trainee reviews.

Finally, in relation to the TPP, we are looking for a new TPS representative to sit on the Professional Standards Committee (PSC) which meets about 4 times a year but has associated activities and projects within its ongoing Action Plan.  Membership is for 3 years in the first instance and commence in September.  We want to open this up to allow any TPS member who currently holds the TPP to apply. This is an entirely voluntary position. Again, please contact the Director for Skills for further information at 

TPS Skills Director, Keith Buchan said:

“This is a challenging time for transport planning skills but they are finally gaining the wider respect they deserve.  We want to support the transport planners in acquiring those skills and progressing their careers whatever the future may hold post-COVID 19.  We hope TPS members will be able to help in this important work. Please get in touch!



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