Congratulations to Nichola Byrne of WSP in Birmingham on having successfully completed PDS. Nichola was the third person in 2019 to have completed PDS and two further final submissions are currently being assessed.

In receiving her certificate Nichola ( pictured above ) said :

"I am delighted to have completed the Transport Planning Society’s Professional Development Scheme and become an incorporated Transport Planner! With the support of my mentors and wider team, the PDS process has helped me to become a more rounded Transport Planner and given me more confidence in my skills and abilities. I am now moving forward to look towards Chartered Transport Planning Professional (CTPP) over the next 18 months, a challenge that the PDS has put me in good stead to complete"

In offering TPS congratulations Keith Buchan, TPS Skills Director said:

“WSP are strong supporters of the PDS and TPP so it's great news to welcome Nichola to the growing community of transport planners who have successfully completed PDS.  She is now also entitled to use the new post nominal IncTP (Incorporated Transport Planner).  This was launched last year for PDS completers, and is part of the new package of qualifications available to transport planners we have been working on.  This should be fully in place by the end of 2020 and includes TPTech, apprenticeship routes and degree apprenticeship as well a IncTP.  We look forward to many others joining Nichola in completing PDS which is the ideal preparation for TPP and CTPP.”





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